Back up not backing up with WD Smartware

WDD Smartware doe snot seem to be backing up files.  Message says “copying files” but two cds added to iTunes tonight have not been added to the drive.  Started about two weeks ago.  Don’t use My Cloud, connecting wwirelessly via home router.  Using cabled connection seems to make no difference.  Have rebooted, reset etc but nothing seems to clear it until it decides to eventially just do it itself.  Temperemental.  Help!!!


What version of WD SmartWare is the one installed in your system, and what Operating System do you use? Are other files in the same location as the missing files added to the backup list? If the files are moved to a different location, do they get included in the backup?

Latest version installed, Windows 7 home, 64 bit.  Files are in the same location, have not moved anything as it is only iTunes I really utilise.  Since posting it has finally caught them but does take several attempts and no logic to it it seems.  Initially, the back up seemed to just pick up new additions to the library but it almost looks now like it is completing a full back up each time, or trying to?

Any help greatly appreciated.

I’m having a similar issue.  This problem started on 3/27/14, this is the last successful backup.  Since then nothing is being backed up.  I am running Vista, WD Smartware 2.3.  When I go to Smartware and click on the Backup tab, I can see 4 files are not backed up.  The Backup routine seems to be stuck on a file that can not be found.  I see no way of telling the software to ignore the file.  Its just stuck, been that way since 3/27/14.  How can I remove this file from the backup list?


Unless the backup folder is manually modified (Erasing files on the backup folder, or renaming folders), then WD SmartWare should not attempt to create new backups from the beginning.