Back-up my WD EX2 to another external NAS (zyxel nsa325 v2)

Hello Everyone,

I’m try’ing to back-up my EX2 to a zyxel nsa325 v2 NAS that i have at the office. After some day’s of searching on Google I still did’t manage to get this working. The zyxel nsa325 v2 is quit straightforward with it’s settings. However the EX2 seem’t to be lacking a straightforward option to back-up itself to another NAS that isn’t a WD brand.

So can anyone please tell me or point me in the direction to set this up safely and correctly?

I bought the EX2 expecting to make things easy and compatible…


Hello there,

The in order to backup the device on a different NAS device i would recommend checking a 3rd party sync or backup program that could help you copy from one NAS to the other, Lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Maybe by using SSH and RSYNC?