Back up my server via USB

Hey there and thanks for reading. I have the PR4100 and for some reason on my windows server 2008 R2 machine, it is constantly connecting/disconnecting/reconnecting to mycloud. It never stays connected longer than a second. Not an exaggeration, literally connects disconnects and reconnects over and over in a second. I can remotely connect to the server from any workstation in the office with ease. Not quite sure why its doing that. So for now, my solution was going to be to back up the server to the cloud device directly via USB. “USB to NAS”. So i login to the mycloud webpage, choose Backups from the dashboard, then USB Backups. Then Create Job, name it. Choose Direction : USB to NAS. Choose the source, opens the dialogue box and it gives me no options whatsoever. Destination gives me the option to choose the folders I would see on my server. If I choose NAS to USB it does the opposite. It doesn’t seem to see my server, however, my server sees it in network and thats where I get to the cloud webpage. Above the dashboard it acts as if there are no usb devices connected. It seems i should be able to connect my server via USB in the absence of network connectivity, but it doesn’t appear to allow me. What am I doing wrong, and how can i remedy it?

I attached a screenshot of the blank dialogue bopx and the windows network page showing it in the right pane but not the left

In what way does this address my issue?


What is the samba version in the web ui?

Well in the web ui under firmware update, it shows a section for current version but does not actually give me a version number. When I choose check for updates it says its up to date. So unless it says it elsewhere, I have no way of knowing for a fact, other than to presume whatever the latest update is.

I mean, did you select SMB v1 / v2 / v3 in the network tab.

Ah well I didn’t set this up, I just started working here and things were as is. I looked into it and it is set to SMB 3