Back up my cloud


How can i see all users using my storage what they’ve backed up through my pc?


@FAWAZ007 Have you looked at the Dashboard and their share? Are all your users using the same PC?


The usere are using cell phone
Where can I found the dashboard on pc?


How did you create users? With the WD My Cloud, WDMyCloudImage you should have a shortcut icon on your desktop for the Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you create users and shares.

I have two WD My Clouds so I have two Dashboards. Here is a image of all my shortcuts to my My Clouds.

What brand of computer are you using and operating system?


I’ve downloaded the application of WD on my win7 sony vaio pure made in japan
If I create a dashboard can i see backup files from users using mine my cloud?


As I already said if you have the WD My Cloud you already have a Dashboard.

What Users? How did you create them? See image below, it comes from Help in the Dashboard.

You need to read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud, if that is what you have.


Users = those who i gave them code to access mine my cloud to watch movies

And they backed up them cellphones
How can i see back up files of them?


You can’t! You gave them permission to use your user name and shares on your My Cloud. If they are backing up their phones they are doing it to your user name/share. You need to read all the Help information in the Dashboard and the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud so you know how it works.

Make them Users and create shares for them and decide what permissions they have. Set everything up in the Dashboard.


This cannot be stressed enough. Read the My Cloud User Manual if you haven’t already. There are specific chapters in the User Manual that explain how to set up Users and Shares on a My Cloud and how to enable Remote Access for those Users so they can transfer files using the various WD apps and software.

In general terms one would access the My Cloud Dashboard (if you don’t know what that is or how to access it, again read the My Cloud User Manual) and create Users. When a User is created a Share in their User name is also created. One then enabled remote access for that User. The User is automaticly emailed instructions on how to create an account on ONce they create that account on they can use that login information in the WD software/mobile apps to gain remote access to their Share on the My Cloud.

There is a secondary option, creating a code through the My Cloud Dashboard and providing that code to a User so they can use it in the My Cloud software/mobile app to gain access to the My Cloud.

To see the contents of a User’s share one would need to have read access to that Share if that Share is set to Private through the My Cloud Dashboard. One uses the My Cloud Dashboard to assign User access to each Share. Again read the My Cloud User Manual which explains Private Shares and assigning access.

One can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access the Shares on a local networked My Cloud (assuming they have permission to access a Private Share).