Back up my cloud to another my cloud?


Ive just bought a my cloud 4tb. And been using it to store my working files so I can access them anywhere outside my home.

Please advise how do I can back up this present my cloud? Do I get another my cloud to do so? How to set it up, so it can back up our present my cloud drive automatically? 

Thank you!

You can create a Safepoint to another drive on the network.

See details on the link bellow:

How to create a Safepoint backup of a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive on another device

Hello John012, 

Thank you for your reply. Do I need another drive of the same storage size to keep these safe point back ups?

Hello michellechow, I think the safepoint back up  will be encrypted and the size of it will be small than the original files of your WD MyCloud

Try this

Hi, thanks for sharing. I didnt want to have a subscription going on, so  ive decided to get a my cloud ex2, so I can have my data mirrored and expanded as and when required. 

My sister in law needed an external hard drive, so I can give her my present mycloud 4tb.

ZZR-1200 wrote:

Try this