Back up from Passport Essential

I am using my WD Passport Essential not as a backup but as my daily working drive. Therefore I need to backup the files on my Passport to my computer. This is the other way around then the WD Smartware suggested. Can anyone help me finding an automated way to backup from my external hard disc to the hard disc of the computer?

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Probably, but you are in the wrong forum …



If you want to use your Passport drive as a normal USB drive, you have to repartition and format your drive.

First download firmware upgrade from WD support site. Double check your drive model. (You don’t need Smartware for this)

Now delete and repartition your drive as instructed in here.

Partition & Format Drives:!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Now Download and install SES device drive on your Windows PC.

SES Driver Download

Now use SyncToy downloaded from Microsoft site to sync whatever the folder you want to Sync/Backup. If you want to keep complete image of your system hard drive use Nero drive image or Paragon Drive Backup software.

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