Back up destination

I have just backed up my PC, windows 10, on a new WD Elements. Now I want to schedule regular backups TO THE WD, but it only gives me the option to back up to Dropbox, and the auto search doesn’t find the WD itself. How to I remove Dropbox and make the WD the destination?

Hello David58,

How are you trying to backup data and which tool are you using for data backup?

So someone has read my ‘help please’ note! Thank you.

I am struggling as you will find – age 81 in a few weeks and not very computer literate.

I didn’t know I had to have a tool to back up data. Simply bought a WD Elements external hard drive, plugged it in and slid my documents and pictures across to it after downloading software from WD (there weren’t any instructions in the box). Presumably that is the tool I am using? There are now two icons on my desktop, the WD Backup itself (which wants to wrongly schedule to Dropbox), and ‘WD Drive Utilities’ that came with it (I don’t know what to do with that).

If this is too complicated I shall understand, but if you can give me an idiots guide, I would be very grateful.


Still struggling to find how to tell my PC to back up to the WD external drive regularly, when it seems determined only to back up to Dropbox! Thank you to asp73 for your ‘which tool’ suggestion.

I found the answer from WD technical support! WD Elements is not compatible with the WD Backup software!! If only there had been some instructions in the box. They helpfully advised me that Windows 10 has an inbuilt tool for back up, and now it’s working away and by default backs up hourly. Thank you again, to the only person who replied who was onto something, when he asked what tool I was using? I did’t then know what a tool was! Simple when you know how.