Back panel USB Port SafePoint - workarounds?

It really is disappointing to me that the USB 3.0 is so incredibly slow. WOW!

I have the 2TB MyCloud and I also have a 2TB Toshiba External that I simply want to use as a mirror/backup of the MyCloud (should have just bought the MyCloud w/ Mirror built in, huh?!).

So… my safepoint is 12% currently and it started 3.5 hours ago. It’s only backing up 150 gigs! Lol.

So, what are the suggestions?? I don’t really have any more open USB ports on my machine, they are all taken up by other **bleep**… do I really want to go buy a USB hub?! (Most posts I’ve read seem to just plug in the external to their PC and direct the backup to this drive, yuck!) This is a laptop machine so…wow, that would be a major pain in the **bleep** when I needed to be mobile.

Just wish that USB port would function normally!

Anyway, thoughts? Ideas? What have other people in a similar situation done?

One other thought I have is… and this is rather embarressing, but I had no idea there WAS a MyCloud Mirror until after I had already purchased the MyCloud and an external drive for the purpose of mirroring the MyCloud. Now that I’ve discovered how horrible that USB port on the back is… should I just return everything and get a MyCloud Mirror (the 4TB…aka 2TB… is the same price)?

FYI, the mirror and external backup are both good but serv differnt purposes.

the mirror only protects against drive failure an is up to the second

depending on where you place the external drive between backups it protects against failure, fire, theft and user error but not up to the second

I use mycloud to backup the PCs and remote access so I don’t use safepoint

Would avoid WD mirror solutions also.

I had a My BookLive Duo with this functionality and configured it that way.

The problem was that the MyBookLive itself failed - not either of the disk drives themselves.

Thinking I could just remove either of the drives then put it in a caddy and hook it up to a PC and copy the data off was impossible due to the Linux operating system the WD device uses.

Even with a professional data recovery service I never got anything usable off either disk.

At least the backup ( or Safepoint ) as WD calls it via the USB port produces something you can just plug into a PC and read the contents quite easily.

Unfortunately as you have discovered the WD marketing that would have you believe a USB3 port would be a fast connection to an attached drive is so slow it’s useless !

I am still trying to get my latest installation to produce backups without errors and the one and only time I got it to run to a conclusion it took 3hrs to backup 80Gb which is hopeless.

I am thinking of ditching the whole concept of WD Safepoint and using a PC on the network to launch some type of backup through Windows Task Scheduler to an attached USB3 drive.

One other word of caution - a gigabit wired connection is also essential to get any acceptable performance but don’t expect anything like normal PC to USB3 drive speeds.