Back from two week vacation and WD My Cloud does not work anymore

Hello everybody,
I really hope you could help. I´m back from an 2 weeks vacation trip and can´t get an Connection with my WD Dashboard or any other WD site/app to my WD My Cloud.
At first the LED on the front was red. I make a 4 second reset, but the LED light only blinking in white an turns to white LED. I also make te 40 seconds reset when the power ist off … the light turns to blue, but now nothing from my old data was found on the NAS drive. I read in the describtion that no data will loose after the 40 seconds reset, but when I connect no with my WD Drive nothing was found. In the WD my Cloud app the site is still loading, no data found.
Hope anybody could help.
I have WIN10 and I think I have the last Firmware.
Thank you very much in advance

You might have had a power outage while you were away that messed things up; like your router. Did you reboot your router? Perhaps that will help.

Hi Mike,
a power outage is possible. I start the router again, but no NAS is founded.
Since this morning the LED is red :frowning:- I reboot the NAS again. The WD NAS has still only the red light on the front. I reset the NAS, LED move the yellow/White but at the end it turns again to red.
Any think I can do now? I hope I don´t lost all the data on my disk.
Hope for help!!

Sorry that did not fix things. Refer to the complete user manual you can download from WD Support.