Back button causes TV to jump back to default channel and .flv

I have just received my new WD TV Live and think its brilliant apart from the following two problems.

  1.  At random times, after watching a video or listening to some music for a while, when I press the Back button my TV jumps back to its default startup channel.  If I then go back to the EXT channel that the WD TV box is connected to it is back on the main menu.  I don’t see the lights on the front of the box flick on / off so I don’t think it is reseting itself.  The system is connected via HDMI cable cable to the TV, but I have also tried the component cables.  The WD TV box is connected to a My Passport box, but not currently to the internet.  It was when I received it yesterday and it automatically downloaded the latest firmware.  The TV is an HD ready Accoustic Solutions and I have never had any problems with it.  I have tried different setting but this keeps happening.  Anybody else had this problem?

  2.  Why can’t this box see .flv files?  These are everywhere and it is a real pain not being able to play them or convert them to a different format.  This is a major flaw.

Just as an update to this, the same thing also happens if the down button is pressed.  As I said it is at totally random times.  I know it’s minor, and all I have to do is select the correct channel again, but my wife is a technophobe and trying to convince her that this was £100 well spent is starting to prove a little difficult.  The trouble is that I’m starting to agree with her and wondering if I should just send it back.  It’s a real shame as this could be perfect.

Is your tv by any chance made by hitachi ? 

The remote for the WDTV Live uses a common IR protocol called NEC 32. Unfortunately it is VERY common. Companies that use the protocol are supposed to respect each others codes and not use the same brand codes, there are 255 brand codes total.  Still some people do not follow the rules and codes overlap. 

I asked if it was hitachi because I have a hitachi tv that when I press UP/DWN/LEFT/RIGHT is displays a error message on screen, meaning that button isn’t supported in that mode. Not much you can do about it.

you rproblem is not on the player, but on the tv set. your tv is interpreting the remote control signals of the player. i have this often in my living room because of too many remote controls running at once… i hope it helps