Awkward cable connector placement on WDBABY0000NBK

Did anyone find the cables coming off the sides of WDBABY0000NBK a little awkward? I wanted to place this unit on the shelf with the indicator LEDs facing forward along with my AV equipment, but the cables coming off the sides makes the set-up looked very ugly and awkward. Why were these connectors not place at the back?

Hi there, it is actually more common than you think for a networking device to have that shape, more so if it is a device based on a network switch, such as the Livewire.

Take this switches as examples:

Hi PizzaMatrix,

True…but most network devices designed that way are usually for rack mount of some type or to be hidden somewhere out of site. The WDBABY0000NBK, I presummed, was designed because of today’s demand from AV equipments that are networkable. This means it should blend in with the AV equipment, and connections between equipment have to make sense. The box WDBABY0000NBK box was designed as a desktop, but having the cables coming off the sides like that, how does one make it look neat on an entertainment unit? Power outlet/surge bar is usually behind the equipment. The RJ-45 connections on the equipment are also usually at the back (at least this true for my WD Live! and receiver RX-A1000). I am open to any suggestion as to how to place this unit and to route the cables so that it does not look like a spider web. Take a look at the design from Linksys PLK300 and Netgear XAVB1004-100PAS.

Just hide it.  Iv’e never had a reason to “See” it…

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Thanks for reading my post. I’ve returned the unit and settled for the Netgear…much happier!