Awesome RMA Experience, thank you Western Digital

I had an external drive (My Book Home Edition 500GB) stop working on me quite suddenly.  It just started clicking a lot.  I tried to recover some data, but was unable to recover any of it.  Let me tell you, I was upset with Western Digital and called their drive every name in the book.

However, if there was any silver lining to the experience it was the RMA process.  I don’t have a credit card, so I had to use the standard RMA method.  Since I am a pack rat, I had the old box and simply packed at taped it up.

I purchased a UPS postage online, which was convenient.  I bought the cheapest possible.  Here is what surprised me:

– WD emailed me every step of the way…when they got the drive, when it was inspected, and when a new drive was mailed out.

–WD replaced the 500GB Home Edition drive with a 1.0 TB Drive of same line at no cost to me.  I thought that was above and beyond the call of duty.

–Even though I bought the cheapest shipping method to get it to them, they sent it back 2nd day air so I got it back fast.  In fact, the entire process was pretty quick.  All I did was print out a purchased UPS label (at a discount price), box it up, and drop it off at a nearby mail store.

Thanks again for the quick service and free upgrade Western Digital.  It made the sting of a hard drive going down and some data loss much easier to tolerate.

And yes, I am a real customer.  I think customers tend to complain easily, I think businesses deserve to know when they are doing something right.

I would have to agree that they have a pretty good RMA process. I’ve had to RMA every WD device I own now and I had 0 hassle with it. I’m starting to think that this might be the most functional part of their company.