AVR + WDTV Live Plus = Artifacts

A couple of minutes after turning on all the hardware  the TV screen shows WD menus and splash with green and blue artifacts, when watching movies get worse with dark areas with “pink and blue rain” too… Anyone running the same or similar setup have this problem?



PC - Windows 7 64

Router NetGear  N600 Wireless Gigabit

Model  WNDR3700

FW updated

A/V Receiver

Denon 4311CI

FW: updated

WDTV Live +

FW updated

TV set

Sony - Bravia 55"


HDMI hi speed - 3 feet long

Signal Path

PC --> Router (CAT 5 cable)

Router --> WD (CAT 5 cable)

WD --> Denon (TossLink + HDMI)

Denon --> TV (HDMI)

WD configuration

HDMI: auto or any other resolution

Audio: digital or stereo

Did you try WDTV - HDMI - TV, without going to the Denon first? And mutliple HDMI cables?

Thanks for answering RoofingGuy!!

In fact I did, and everything is OK but the point is that this way Denon is not the “control center” anymore, if I want to switch to another source - e.g. BD or DVD - or change any Denon parameter I need to use two remotes.

And last but not least, feeding the WD video signal to the TV thru Denon once in a while is fine and when I turn on the day after artifacts show up again! I can’t find what’s wrong, seems a mismatch on video signals between  Denon and WD…

I’ll post this on Denon’s forum but most probably they will blame on WD., thanks anyway!



I wasn’t trying to “blame” anything, just yet… I was trying to narrow down the problem.

Although it does sound as if the Denon is definitely the problem, and not quite playing nicely with the WDTV’s output.

RoofingGuy thanks again for being so helpful!!

I was browsing on Denon site and in their FAQs I found this:

_ Why won’t the set top box pass video signal through my receiver with an HDMI connection? _
Published 01/05/2007 11:38 AM   |    Updated 06/09/2010 10:24 AM

Why won’t the set top box pass video signal through my receiver with an HDMI connection?


A set top receiver connected to an A/V receiver via HDMI may have trouble passing video signals through the A/V receiver even though a direct connection to the display seems to work fine. 

This has to do with the HDMI, HDCP protocol being sent and received and the authentication process. 


 This is not a fault of the receiver.  Recently set top box manufacturers have become aware of this issue and have already implemented firmware changes to their units while others are in the process of updating their units. 


If a set top receiver being used is having problems passing HDMI video signal through an A/V receiver, contact the manufacturer of the set top receiver to see if an update is available.

In spite of their explanation I’ll post this problem  in their  forum and wait for their answer.

If it’s really a protocol issue I’m crossing fingers so the next FW release of WD  or Denon may fix this but i’m still wondering why, during the first coupel of minutes after turning on and once in a while, everything is OK.

As far as I know, the WDTV doesn’t use HDCP except for the premium services like Netflix, so I doubt that is the issue. Also, when it IS an HDCP issue, there usually is NO picture, or just pure static.

Thanks TonyPh12345!

I posted in the Denon forum, I’ll wait for their answer. If they happen to say it’s a HDCP issue would you mind if I question them with your argument? - HDCP problems make no picture available…

What really bogus me is that for the very first minutes the picture is OK, then artifacts star coming on.

Don’t mind at all!