Avi over network Firmware Version 1.05.18


All my avi doesn’t  work with my NAS but the same file on my NAS with an MKV (Matroska) container works fine.

To do the conversion AVI to MKV, I just change the container and not re-encode the video.

The same AVI file work fine on USB stick plug on the WD TV Live.

the avi files do not work across the network but works on USB stick,   the same files in MKV work on network.

I do not want to convert all my videos !

(Sorry for my poor English,  feel free to correct me :wink:

How are you accessing your movies, using Media Server or Network Shares.

It may be THIS ISSUE:


Thank , I m using NFS (Network share) on Xubuntu

I will try Media server (Ushare) this morning

exactly same trouble vith ushare only mkv work , no avi