AVI Files on EX2 Not Appearing on Smart TV (Sharp Aquos)

The TV displays MP4, MWV file types…but not AVI.

I checked that file exists under Windows explorer, is seen under Windows Media Player, and can see it in the Twonky web qui server pages, but not served onto the Smart TV for some reason.

The manual for the TV states the AVI files are supported, so do not understand why it does not appear to be listed.

Anyone else experienced this? Thoughts on what the cause may be.

Hi, I do not use Twonky however, I would recommend you to take a look at the link below which has plenty of information on the built in media server of the My Cloud.

Are you sure your TV supports AVI files via DLNA, and not just via USB? The supported file types are often very different for the different access methods.

At least according to the manual…AVI should be compatible with both USB and Network Servers. I have a case opened with Sharp too…so waiting to see what they come back with. Will keep this updated once I hear back.

Have you set an appropriate Receiver Type for the TV using the Twonky GUI?