AVI files not playing since update to 2.05.08

The AVI files from my cannon camera played ok before the update, but now they cause the WD box to have an error message “A fatal system error is detected.  The device will restart…”  Other vidoe files are playing OK just not the AVI files from my camera.  What should I do???

Contact WD directly.   They may want a file to test.

I had the same issue back with firmwares since 1.xx

The problem is the BOX itself.  You need to reboot, right from a COLD start (UNPLUGGED).

Try RELOADING firmware. Let it reboot by it’s own method… then BEFORE you attempt to play ANY “avi” files…  shut unit down. Unplug and wait 1 minute. Then plug back in, and Power up normally.

It took a few repeated attempts but it finally got to playing AVI and MKV files, just as well as they should be playing.