AVI files not displaying on Live TV Hub

Hi all, I ripped a DVD to my PC as an AVI (video) MPEG-4 (video codec) using Magic DVD Ripper. I then transferred the file to my WD Live TV Hub by plugging the hub into the PC and moving the file across manually. It shows that the file has transferred to the hub on my monitor. When I take the hub downstairs and plug it into my TV the file does not even display (let alone play). I tried removing the DRM protection on the DVD using Daniusoft DRM Converter but this hasnt helped Is there something I’m doing wrong? (I have transferred all my photos and music successfully already) Is it the type of file (AVI/MPEG-4) - if so what would you recommend I change it to ? I’m only ripping standard DVDs so have no HD requirements at the moment. Any comments greatly appreciated Many thanks

So you connected a network cable from PC to Hub, and created a folder on the Hub and put an Avi in it.

Does the file show up in Files.

Is the media library on in Setup / System ?


Yes I connected  the hub to my PC via ethernet cable (which is how I transferred my music/photos), created a folder in the hub and put the AVI file in that folder.

The AVI is nowhere to be seen on the hub - even under the Files tab

I think the media library is on because whenever I plug the Hub in and power it up it tells my it is ‘compiling media library’


Try this, either get another avi and put it in the same folder.

Or create a new notepad.txt and rename it to test.avi…

Bit of a pain I know, but it should be showing up, the compatibility problem would only show up when you try to play it.

Can’t think of anything else, as Avis are bread and butter to this peice of kit.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by ‘create a new notepad.txt’

Afraid I’m not too technically minded

You will need to connect your Hub back into your PC.

Right click in the same folder as your AVI. New text document.

Left click away from it.

Select all off new text document.txt, and change it to test.avi.

sorry - i’ve followed your instructions down to the last part ‘Select all off new text document.txt and change it to test.avi’ but dont understand this part.

I have created the new text document in the same folder as my AVI and left clicked away from it - now what do i need to do?

Sorry total beginner here

select it and rename it.

new text document.txt



rename the name, and change the extension from .txt to.avi, it will ask you if you are sure, just say yes.

Its just a fake file, just to see.

Ok so my Hub has the files displayed like this My Movies >>>Comedy>>>AVI file

I created the text document AVI and put it in the Comedy file. I then moved 4 different AVI files into the same folder. As an experiment I also put an AVI file under the My Movies folder so it would hopefully appear next to the Comedy folder rather than in it

All my AVI files have now appeared (and play!) - even the one that is in the My Movies folder separate from the text document

I’m not sure how/why this has happended but I’m quite sure it’s down to your advice

Have to say I’m very pleased with your help, it’s promptness and your patience in helping me with my query - thankyou!