AVI files don't play from my different WD drives

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

I have movies in AVI format on a WD 5000 -ME external hard drive.  I plug this into my Panasonic surround sound system USB port and presto…it reads the files on the drive and can play the movies.

I also have a WD Elements external hard drive… same movie files.  I plug that in and the machine cannot read the files.

I have no specific software installed on the working drive that I know of, unless they are hidden files that enable this function.  Very frustrating as one would think same brand, virtually no difference in the drive,  should play the same.

Can someone help???:mansad:

Welcome to the forums.

This particular forum is only for the WD TV Live – it sounds as if you are looking for help with a WD Elements drive.  I’d suggest you try the forum for that.