.avi files buffering and catch up on 4tb my cloud

Hi there,  I hope someone can help.

Have uploaded all my movies and photos to my My Cloud and all Mp4’s play and stream to both pc’s perfectly no promblem at all

However when play an .avi file after a minute or two the picture pauses for a second then starts again, then pauses again, etc etc. some times it freezes for a few seconds then goes on fast forward to “catch up” and the more into the film you go the worse it seems to get! (I never get and error message it just stutters through the film to the end)

But if I download the .avi file to ethier of my pc’s and play the file from there it plays seamlessly!

The lights on the back of the My Cloud are both green telling me i’m connected at the best speed, so does any body have an idea please?


When you have the problem playing the avi files what device are you watching them with?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Both are pc’s, working on windows 7 64bit.

When i play the file direct on the pc’s all’s great it’s only when streaming from the My Cloud i have the problem

Thanks again