Avi-file: picture freezes up to 4 seconds, the audioline is still moving forward


so here I go for my first post in this forum.

I have never had problems with this wd  live media player since the last 2 month but today I get stuck with some avi files. Like I described in the subject, the picture freezes while the audio still moves on. Oh, and sometimes the picture moves with nearly double speed:P…i tried these files with my Notebook and everyting seemed fine.

This wouldn t be such a big thing but the audioline is in japanese, and I can barely understand a word of japanese so I depend on subtitles which aren t appear because of the freezes.

I hope someone has cleared this phenomenon and could help me with this:-).

Please, post the media Info of few of this movies, it might be a bad codec:


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sry for my late answer.

the files were actually a bundle of files (series with 200 episodes) and they are all

  • Video-Stream: MPEG 4 Visual (XviD)

  • Audio-Stream: MPEG Audio (MP3)

Oh, I see there is a difference between those files which are working and those which do not.

Working files (video): BVOP2

non Working files (video): BVOP2, GMC3, Custom Matrix.

May this be the problem?

Yep…  that’s the problem.

GMC3=  Global Motion Compensation.

From the WD Specs:

  • MPEG4.2 ASP@L5 up to 1280x720p30 resolution and no support for global motion compensation.

Just wondering but Is this something that will be fixed anytime soon? We’ve been seeing this problem frequently since the last two or three firmware updates; it did not occur before that. We’re seeing this problem with .avi files from various sources and it seems to occur randomly.

Another problem we’re seeing frequently is that with many files, when we press Enter during playback to see the timeline info, the timeline graphic appears but there is no visible text/time info. Sometimes, when we pretty Enter again to go back to normal playback view, the system may lock up. It’s been frustrating. It’s gotten bad enough that I will probably regress to an earlier firmware later this week.

FYI, I’ve hard reset the device a few times times but this doesn’t seem to fix things.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.