.avi file opver 200 mb

I am having trouble playing .avi files (t.v. shows) anyrime they are over 200mb’s. I watching a season of Fringe and anytime an episode is over 200 mb’s the file says it can not be played. Now the player wil play movies well pver that size and all the other episodes are also .avi files.

Set up seagate hard drive hooke up through usb cable and WD box hooked to t.v. with hdmi cable.

Any suggestions?

Hi dude!! The extension is .AVI, but what is the internal codec held on those .AVI files (MPEG4, Xvid, AVC)? Also, since they are recorded TV shows, do they have any kind of Digital Rights Management integrated? If they do, they won’t play.

Almost all of my .AVI files (Xvid codec) are between 700MB and 1.4GB and they play perfectly… So the size should not be an issue…