Avi file names

I have a lot of movies riped to avi (riped befor I had wdtv)  When looking for a movie to play on wdtv a lot of them say dvd_video or dvdshrink_xxx ect. When I rip a new movie I can change that, But I have about 200 rpied allready and don’t want to have to rip them all again.

Is there any way to change the name in a avi file? So wdtv will show the movie name?

Thanks for any help.

On computer, open explorer, right click on file name, rename.

On the Computer it has the correct name Ie I have Billy Jack, Id I go to propertys and click on detales, it says  my dvd my d. that is what shows on wdtv, not what I named it on the computer. so I need to edit the avi file itself to change the name if it can be done

Guess I should add that I’m running Win 7 x64 HDTV has latest updates

As opposed to ISOs AVIs do not have a volume label so whatever you name the file is what the Live will show. Unless of course you made one folder per movie and name them differently.

You can add meta info to avi’s and the WDTV manual recommends some programs on the bottom of page 147.

There is one program there called abcAVI Tag Editor (freeware) which can add this detail and obviously edit it. I tried it on a avi but without luck, the WDTV did not seem to pick up the added title even via network shares or directly on a usb flash drive and continued to use the file name. You could try it and see if you could make it work.


OK abcAVI Tag Editor Did the job, You just have to type the info you want to show in the title box ( or copy and past it from the file name box)

Thanks a lot for the info, I looked thru the manual but didn’t see that

Live and learn. Still, taggin AVIs with abcAVI Tag made no difference, the Live displays the filename only.