Avg Raid Rebuild Time?


I have a My Book Live Duo (6TB) but configured in a mirror Raid (3TB) usable. Right now I’m using 2.5 TB of the 3 TB. The Power went out the other day and I noticed an orange light. I checked the dash board and saw status is good for both drives, but its in a Rebuilding state. I started to time it to estimate how long it would take.

1% 0010

14% 1935 (19 hrs and 25 mins = 13%)

WIth this estimate I’m looking at 5-6 days till this is complete. I could copy 2.5 TB of data at least 10 times over in that time. Why is the Raid rebuild time so awful?


That doesn’t sound normal to me. When I did a rebuild on mine it only took 6 hours.

Then again the Duo was empty as I was testing. I think you should call WD and see what they have to say.