AVCHD .M2TS Fail and JPG Colateral Fail. Camcorder Recorded Files

Last Firmware Upgrades (Now 1.04.17_B)

AVCHD, .M2TS gaps, freeze while playing.

.JPG files displayed in low resolution after .M2TS played. Need reboot to resolve.

About AVCHD files M2TS:

I am using WDTV Live Plus + USB Sata + HDMI_1.3 + TV1080p. Every file takes about 12 seconds to start playing (sound start unsyncronized). Then, while playing about 10 seconds, the image freeze by about 7 seconds (the sound not freeze), and then continue normally.

(It is normal to take short scenes with the camcorder, 4 or 15 seconds. This scene length is unusable with this delay and gapping problem).

I could explain more details, please ask.

About the JPEG viewing after .M2TS:

Every time I play .M2TS file, JPEG playing got a change in viewing resolution.

Try open a JPEG file, see pixelation with no details, then open a M2TS, then see the same JPEG, resolution it is the same but got low quality or large pixelation on display.

I use different files: 3 megapixels, 8 megapixels, etc.

If I power off and power on the WDTV, the problem fix… but to the next M2TS play.

Testing different Camcorders:

I have Kodak Play Sport (.MOV FullHD),

Samsung HMX-204 (.MP4 FullHD),

Canon IS5 (.AVI 640x480),

and Panasonic HDC-TM60 (.M2TS FullHD).

Problems are only in .M2TS with any compression.

Testing different Media Player:

I have Argosy HV335T Full HD and WDTV Live Plus (1.04.17_B).

Problems are only in WD.

Argosy play .M2TS with 3 seconds delay, no GAPs, perfect.

Both media players using same USB disk on different tests.


I hope some fix to this problem. Try Argosy playback codecs on Firmware.

My primary target with WD was FullHD own made videos.

Real FullHD camcorder users will love this Fix.

Ask for free for more details.

My Best Regards,

Saak Canales M.

Hello I have the Samsung H200, similar to yours. From your experience, what happens if you try to play full HD files from the Camcorder, copied to a USB Drive? (I’m recording with 1920X1080/60i resolution, at 17Mbps). Thanks

I have a Canon Vixia HF200, and I am having exactly the same problems.

The older firmwares played the MTS files fine, but with a huge GAP between the files.

It seems that WD tried to improve this in the latest firmware, but what they released is BUGGY.

Hopefully WD will fix this in the newer firmwares.



I have a Sony 520 AVCHD camcorder, and I experience the same problems when I try to play the original files from the camera. The problem does not occur with videos that have been edited with PowerDirector, or videos that have been remuxed with the freeware program TSRemux. So I’d recommend that you try to remux your videos. The reason for the problems might be that there is no single AVCHD format. The H.264 / MPEG-4 format allows a lot of tweaking, and different camcorder manufacturers seem to use different ‘dialects’ of this MPEG format, making it difficult to implement all possible profiles in a hardware player. TSRemux seems to make the videos more standardized, without re-encoding them, and without any quality loss.




I have Samsung Full HD (1920x1080) files played from a Hard disk connected at USB port, and they play perfect.

No problem at all.

I have never try to do it directly from the camera using USB cable.

Thank you for your help.

I have done this before with other software, and you are right.

With some files it could be usefull. You edit, and save new edited files… and will play fine.

But I have a lot of files. Too much time for it.

I will not edit all of them.

Important Information:

AVCHD is a trademark license,

AVCHD logo must be used only under license agreement, and, must be format specification compliant.

AVCHD is Sony and Panasonic stuff.

I hope WD fix AVCHD soon.

Actually I only use WD for play Internet Radio.

Argosy for video and image files. Ugly interface, but work perfect.

Thanks for the idea.

Best Regards,