Avast detecting WD Discover installation's temporary exe file as a virus

Hello there,

I have recently bought a WD My Passport 1TB (just hours ago) and popped it up to my Windows 10 laptop to install WD Discovery and back up some files. I plugged it in, nothing autoran as expected. I ran WD Discovery’s installer, and it completed installation. Just after the installation ended and its window popped up at the lower right side, Avast Free Antivirus screamed with that dreading three beeps:

A virus has been detected. Action to take?
Threat type: IDP.Alexa.51
Source:random name.tmp from Windows/Temp
Shield:Behavioral Shield

I gave it a chance, and told it to move that file to virus chest. Just after it finished, it popped up another screen, with the same threat but a different temp exe. At the same time the message was at the bottom of the WD Discovery’s window:
“WD Discovery will be back soon.”

Some information if it helps:
OS:Windows 10 Pro build 1803
AV:Avast Free Antivirus, definitions and program at the latest version, system is clean, scanned recently
Drive status:Bought hours ago, has no signs of tampering on the boxing or the drive, first time plugging into a computer

Any records that it happened before? Safe to ignore?

WD Discovery Installation consists Autorun file that enables the autolaunch program. That’s why antivirus tools always consider it as a virus or malicious object. You may also refer below mentioned scenario when autorun fails while trying to launch WD drive.


You can contact WD Support for more details about this.

Autorun.inf is still intact. When I make an exception for temp files it works smoothly but if I quarantine one computer refuses to see the drive until next restart.