Available space

Why is one drive using 300GB more space than the other and can I clear that space to use? I have two new 3TB matching MY Book for Mac drives that I have transferred 2TB of synchronized data to from a smaller drive. When the data transferred from the first drive to the second, the computer says there is 301GB more data on the drive. The only other difference is that, due to operator error, I reformatted the first drive. That would not seem to account for a 300GB difference, but I don’t want to reformat the drive now since both are working correctly. I’d just like to have the 300GB to use.



The only reason why one drive might display more available space that the other is due to the data that was transferred to it.

Can you check the amount of files that you have stored on both drive to see if there’s any difference?

Unless there’s an issue with the unit, you should be able to see a total of 1.8TB due to the conversion from Decimal to Binary on both drives.