Available share space showing much LESS than allocated!?

Our MyCloud Pers. Cloud Storage is only showing available space of 300GB when only less than 2TB has been used out of a 5.8TB Time Machine share!?

How can I fix/repair this network share to reclaim the missing space that should be available? All the diagnostic and repair utilities I have seem only useable for direct connect HD and not NAS?

What other methods and/or Unix commands etc can be used to repair/reclaim the missing space on the network share?

Any ideas, suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated as I can’t perform a network backup until resolved!!

Bump! … Anyone?

Hi @binaryboyo,

I would request you to please access the device dashboard and check free space capacity under Home Tab.

Please follow the below link to access the device dashboard:-


Don’t you think we have already done that! :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

That’s how we determined the ‘missing’ 4TB of space that should be available!!

So again:-

‘What methods and/or Unix commands etc can be used to repair/reclaim the missing space on the Time Machine network share?’

‘Any ideas, suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated as we can’t perform a network backup until resolved!!’

It may help to post a screen shot of the Dashboard Home screen in addition to posting the Dashboard > Settings for Time Machine so others can see exactly what you are seeing.

One can go in through SSH to see if the usage values (using Linux commands df and du) at the root level are the same as what the Dashboard is reporting.

And sometimes a 40 second reset may fix certain weird issues if you haven’t tried that already.

How to Reset a My Cloud Device

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Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Would the 40 sec reset Nuke all shares and Time Machine data? :open_mouth:

Basically TM share is set for 5.8TB with only ≤2TB used but only ≤300GB showing available by client login via network!? So around 4TB has gone MIA so TM B/U fails with out of space error msg!? :confused:

No. See the WD Support article link in my prior post. It states that no user data is affected by a 40 second reset:

The following process is Not Data Destructive and will not impact user data on the device.

On a side note. If one is using WD Sync, that program has been known to ■■■■ up all free space on a My Cloud drive through the versioning it does to keep changed files so one can restore them using WD Sync. It creates a hidden directory on the My Cloud and will proceed to fill it with data. Some have had to go in and delete that hidden folder. Do a subforum search and you will find a few past threads about that specific problem with WD Sync and what people did to resolve it.

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Must have missed that bit a the beginning of the link about ‘Not Data Destructive’! :tired_face:

Haven’t used WD Sync unless is was a background daemon running without my knowledge! :confused: Hell of an undocumented ‘feature’ to fill up the HD with spurious invisible data!? :open_mouth:

Will have a look at those threads though just in case and also do the long reset as suggested. :+1:

Stay tuned! :keyboard: