Availability of My Passport Essential SE 1 TB 3.0 portable disk

Dear Member,

I am from India and wanted to buy My Passport Essential SE 1 TB 3.0 portable disk.

When I enquire about this product I got the responses from most of the shop(online and offline) that this product is not in stock because of Thiland Flood.

Few shopkeeper who has this piece are asking very high price (Rs 8500 - 9000).

Through this fouram I wanted to know if the availability of this product is still less because of Thiland Flood( which was long before) or this reason is being exploited to make more profit by shopkeeprs.

If the availability is less then by what time it will be normal.



That’s not a info that you will find here, remember is a user to user forum. I’ll recommend you to write WD directly.

We are pretty much recovered from the flood.  However, it may still take time for various distributors to restock products.  You may want to make sure that your local distributor knows that you would like that product.