Autotype password


I’m using a MyPassport with a fully encrypted system (diskcryptor). Entering the password everytime I reboot my computer annoys me and since my drive is fully encrypted I’m looking for a way to autotype my password - I tried KeePass and Sendkeys via a VBS script but it didn’t work…

Do you have any idea how I could auto unlock the drive when I attach the drive to this specific computer?



Why not just remove the password? If your going to automaticly enter it, it kinda defeats the purpose of it…

i like your answer ADVARK.

whats the purpose of password if you want to auto type it duhhhhhhhh


as I said, my main drive is fully encrypted with a strong password whichs needs to be entered every time I boot up my laptop.

What I want is a method to autotype the password for the external drive but only for this fully encrypted laptop - on other computers of course not…