Windows 10: When I attach my WD Passport external drive to my HP computer via a USB port I get the following message - Blocked explorer.exe from accessing autorun.inf. Autorun has been blocked. As a result of this I am unable to access files on my WD Passport. I am using Symantec Endpoint Protection software.
I have searched this site as well as others for HELP but have not been able to stop the message. I am hoping a solution can be found. THANKS

  1. Have you tried temporarily disabling SEP?
  2. It won’t keep you from accessing the software. You can try double-clicking Autorun.inf file, or just open and look at what it runs, and run it manually.

i have the same problem and disabling SEP did not help.

SEP is generally used in an enterprise environment. I would check with your IT department because they may have a GPO that prevents that. Auto runs are a major vector for malware installation.