Autorun.inf - Win32 Trojan

I just resolved the problem of my PC telling me my passport has malfunctioned, now an autorun.inf file has appeared on my Hard drive, in the memory section, with all my files

Virgin will delete it on restart, but will this cause any problems?

Also, since WD hardware has the autorun feature, is there any way to turn these on and off to use it as a simple USB device, as school systems instantly block autoruns, and in order for the drive to work, it needs to be installed.


My brother had that problem and i told him to move all files in another folder (outside the drive and skipping the file in question) and then format the passport, it was fixed then because if you let the antivierus to delete it or temper with it you will not be able to open the hard drive with just cliclking the drive letter and probably will get a “opening with” or something similar.

If I format the drive will that fix the problem, and make it reusable (i.e. can I open it by clicking on the letter after formatting)?

Yes, but remember to format it to the file system it was before, ntfs for windows XP or the file system for Mac\Leopard…etc.

Thank you. One question: How do I do that? I’m useless at this type of stuff.

Go to my computer, right-click the drive letter, then format, choose NTFS.

Thank you! Thank you! It works now. You’ve been a lot of help, thank you again.

Anytime. I’m glad is working.

Anybody knows how to get my passport restored factory like new!?!?!? I subscribed at the website, yet, still impossible. Should I just dump it?!?!!?

What’s the problem with it? do you mean how to get the VCD?