Automaticly sync iPhone/iPad pictures & videos daily

Not sure if apple will allow this feature because this will take away iCloud subscriptions.

But it would be nice to nightly sync my pictures on my iPad/iPhone to the mycloud device.


Idea approved for voting.

Yes! Really good idea.

And combined with sync with dropbox, you’ll have a winner:-)


I used to use Pogoplug and moved to this system and they had automatic upload this should be a feature on mycloud 

Great idea!

I’m having the same struggle, now having duplicate back-ups of the same pictures, but 1 in folder “iphone” and 1 in folder “ipad”.

Would be nice to have just 1 central back-up on mycloud of all my files, and sync / acces that with all devices.

Please let me know if anything changes on this issue.

And to be able to choose sharing for this. Now it’s only storing it in Public:/

It can obviously be done on iphone by doing auto uploads because several different apps do it.  SOS Online Backup, Dropbox, etc…  This would be a TREMENDOUS add on for this product.  Worse case dropbox has a GREAT auto upload feature for the iphone.  Works flawlessly and Dropbox is already built into the WD Mycloud app so even if MyCloud could automatically pull in from Dropbox auto uploads that would be great.  I currently keep the dropbox app on my iphone just for the auto uploads and then within the WD MyCloud app dropbox portion I move the pics from dropbox to mycloud.  Looks like this could be auto integrated somehow.  I am already very happy with this mycloud product but this is the only area I am a little disappointed with.