Automatically play an entire playlist? or Queue up Netflix movies?

I was wondering if there was a way to get the WD Live + to play an entire playlist one after the other without having to enter any more commands. Say an entire season of a TV show, one episode after another.

Or if there was a way to queue up netflix movies so that they would play in sequence without having to return to your netflix menu/queue.


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The Live will play an entire playlist one after the other – that’s the default bevhavior for a playlist.  Just create your playlist, go to the first item, and start playing.

You cannot do this in Netflix, AFAIK.

Hmm. I tried this and it went back to the menu after the first episode. Maybe I’m making my playlists incorrectly…

I queue up the videos on my PC in Windows Media Player, create the playlist and then copy the playlist from it’s folder on my PC to the folder in the USB drive.

I’m kind of new to playlists, so I don’t really know any other ways. Is there a better way?

I use Playlist Creator (freeware).  Can’t say about any other method.

Thanks works great. Actually, for future reference and other new users, the trick is to actually press “play” on the playlist instead of selecting it to view all files in the list and then pressing play. That’s what I was doing and it would only play one file at a time.