Automatically play a playlist on bootup? Live+

As the subject says, trying to have the WD TV Live Plus automatically start playing and loop a (video) playlist on bootup.  The playlist and videos are on a USB thumbdrive.  I want to just turn on the WDTV and have it automatically loop the playlist all day.

If it can’t do this, can it autoplay on bootup a single file and loop it?  I can work with that if I have to, but prefer a playlist.

Would prefer an out of the box solution, but if I have to install hacked firmware, then so be it.



I believe its possible to auto-play a file, but I’m not sure about a playlist.

Any ideas how to get a file to autoplay?

Well theoretical you put your movie in the root of a USB disc connected to the WDTV and then select  ‘Video auto play’ in the ‘Auto play’  menu which is located in the ‘System Setting’ menu.

However I tried it the other day and it did not work, you may have better luck.

Yeah, doesn’t appear to work for me either.  I’m just going to leave it playing 24/7 and turn on/off the TV only.  Problem solved. :smileyvery-happy:

BossTurbo wrote:

 I’m just going to leave it playing 24/7

Somebody here really likes the Twilight:New moon series, eh?