Automatically FactoryRestore

Hello everyone,

I want to ask whether it is possible MyCloud nas to do automatically FactoryRestore after upgrade the firmware.

Thank you.

Hi, its not programmed in the drive to do a factory restore after a firmware upgrade. The factory restore is executed by the user either from the dashboard or an SSH terminal. What are the issues that you are experiencing?

The problem is that Factory Restore (with wiping some important things) is done after upgrading firmware, but I do not did it, so is it possible some virus to do so?

I suspect that someone has done Factory Restore through ssh but auth.log (to check whether someone did it remotely) file is not found on my computer. Please tell me if I can check if someone has done this through ssh or there may be another explanation for Factory Restore.
Тhank you in advance.

factory restore problem

Yes, but I still don’t know why that happen.