Automatically creat folder by date

I have an android device and i can’t backup and creat The folders automatically that mycloud used to creat by year and mounth. How can i activate that option?
Thank you

Hi Gabriel76,

In order to create backup of your Android device on My Cloud, you needs to install My Cloud Mobile App and enable Auto Backup which sorts the data files as per the time.

Thank you for your answer. And i did but it only backup the photos outside the data folders. Before i changed my telephone and it backup to Inside the mounth folders automatically created, but now it only backup the photos without creating the folders. I thought that it was some option that i need to click no it. Thank you

I’m having the same problem on iOS. Anyone found a solution yet? Many thanks.

I still have the same problem, I turned off the disc so I did not make the copies that way, until I solved the problem