Automatically convert downloaded movies into another format

Hi All,

Last question about my new Mybook live…well maybe!

I’m struggling to stream my downloaded movies to my ipad because of various issues, (sound transfer rate etc) so I’m looking for a way of converting them on the MBL.

Something like this:

  1. Movie arrives downloaded, via Couch Potato in /movies folder.

  2. MBL recognises new file and AUTOMATICALLY starts to convert to MP4 at lower resolution and audio type that will work etc to /movies/ipad folder.

Therefore I have a high quality version in surround sound to watch through home cinema, and an SD version to stream to ipad depending on how I want to watch it.  I know this could be done on my laptop, but I’d rather the MBL did it to save me having my laptop on all the time.  Of course this would take longer on the MBL but that’s fine.

Any way of doing this?


  1.  Good luck with that.   The CPU is so tiny it’d probably take a day or more to transcode a video.

ffmpeg is installed on the MBL, but it is primarily used just to transcode photos – it also was compiled with AAC audio support, so my Linux script that automatically transcodes to iPad format won’t work on it.

  1. Handbrake could be an option. However, never seen a packacke for MBL. They do have Linux versions though.

Also look here see if there is a package/module already, or ask there as well.