Automatic Network not connecting

OK, so tried 3 different straight through cables and one patch cable going from the WDTVLIVEHUB to my SD2005 Linksys Gigabit 5 port switch and for each one, could not get an IP address. Seems like it just does not like going through a switch. I connect from my network cable by-passing the switch and no problem, connects right away. As stated earlier, this is not ideal, I would like to go through the switch as i have other devices that rely on it.

You may be running into a rather rare instance where the AutoNegotation is failing;  for example, the HUB may think it’s a Gigabit ethernet switch, but the switch isn’t, or some other combination… 

OK, so went out and bought a cheap switch and it did the trick. All working fine now. Strange how the linksys switch would work with everything else but not the WDTVLIVEHUB, even the WDTVLIVE worked. Oh well. Thanks for all the help.