Automatic "Get Content" Isn't getting the content automatically

I’ve searched about the internet for a few weeks now. Still can’t get it to process new content on it’s own. 

Sometimes it correctly pulls the episode titles for each episode automatically but won’t automatically pull the rest of the metadata including thumbs and backdrops. I have to to go into options and “Refresh Content Info” for the full details to show up, other wise it’ll just show a backdrop image in to the coverart image placement. 

Most of the time it doesn’t do anything at all, I’ve set it scan hourly, also tried while on standby. If I do select “Get Content Info” It’ll scrape it perfectly. 

I’ve tried everything, renaming info automatically so that it removes “-”. I thought the new firmware upgrade would have fixed this issue, but still doesn’t work.

It’s only a new machine, 4 weeks old and it’s getting really tedius now =[

I have the same problem.

With TV Series, i don’t have Backdrops and the same cover for all episode.

I use Italian language for standard Database.

Apparently it is a “problem” of the database, which not contains backdrops but only fanart images.

Still can’t get it working. 95% of the TV shows it eventually scrapes ends up with me rescanning the content info again. It’s starting to really [Delete] me off 

I’m experiencing the same issue.  Filename syntax is the correct format for tvdb scraping.  It works if I manually get the content info for the TV episode.  This used to work, and stopped working 2 (or maybe more) firmware updates ago.

One thing I’ve noticed is that  it does automatically create the folder/metadata/ *.xml file.  The xml content of that file is accurate.  So it is resolving the episodes to the correct tvdb EpisodeID.  But, it does not automatically retreive the *.jpg file, and the toplevel folder/*.xml and folder/*.metathumb files are not created, until I manually get content info.


Still no luck with the latest firmware. Has anyone got this working again?

Nope, still no luck with new Firmware. Wasn’t in the change log either, so wasn’t expecting a fix tbh.