Automatic/continuous Backup

Hi All - I’m perplexed.  This WD SmartWare that is installed on My Book Essential 1.5T claims “Automatic, continuous backup.  Whenever you add or change a file, it’s backed up on the spot.”

However, this isn’t the case for me…and I need it to be.  As I get new music files on my desktop, I want them immediately backed up to the external hard drive so that other computers can access them.  

What am I doing wrong?  Or not doing?  I’ve gone through the settings a million times and don’t see any mention of automatic/continuous backup.

Any help is much appreciated.

Can someone help me out on this?  Is it working for anyone out there?  I have a feeling it’s something simple, I just can’t figure out what it is.  Thanks…

Really?  140 views and not one reply?  This may be the worst message board I’ve every used  …lol.