Automatic backup

I have a new WD MyCloud NAS 4T. I was able to upload the files. Then I did an automatic backup using WD Smartware but after creating a few new files, I checked WD MyCloud the new files have not been added. I am using Windows 10 and wonder if WD MyCloud is compatible with Window 10?

Yes the My Cloud works with Windows 10. See the Compilation of Windows 10 Methods, Steps and Solutions thread tacked at the top of this subforum for various solutions people have used to fix Windows 10 issues, if you are experiencing them.

Generally when making a Smartware backup of a PC it creates a subfolder within the Smartware Share/Folder on the My Cloud and any updated files that are backup by Smartware are saved into that share/folder.

Did you choose continuous backup and the share you placed the files in? See example image below. After choosing the share then go to the Backup tab and choose how often you want it backed up. Have you read all the help information provided in SmartWare under the Help tab? There is a link provided to the Online User Manuals at the bottom of the Help tab.

click, tap or activate the image to enlarge it.


Thank you for your response.
Yes I selected ‘continuous’ but not sure what you mean by ‘share’. From
the example image you sent me, I am surprised ‘public’ should be
selected? I do not want anyone to see my files or have access to them,
only myself. However, to test it, I selected ‘public’ and backed up the
files. Still the same result. The lastest files I typed up have not been
backed up.
I have read the ‘Help’ tab which is why I asked if it was Windows 10
compatible because it says Vista, Windows 7 and 8 only. Page 42 onwards
(Online User Manuals) explain about general backing up. I have
sucessfully backed up my files but it seems ‘automatic backup’ does not
work, ie the latest files I added since I manually backed up the files.

If you read my post, it states example image!! You choose from the drop down menu which share you want to have backed up. I, myself, use SmartWare and have it set to back up two times a week. I only place in the Public share what I want to share with others on my network. I place in Horace what I want for myself to use when I am away from my network using remote access.

How long after creating or changing a file did you give your My Cloud to update. It may take a while, I am sure it works like spiders on the internet going through and looking at all your files to see if anything has changed and when it finds something it updates it. This may take a while.

Both my desktop and laptop have Windows 10 and they work with my My Cloud fine. Both have SmartWare on them too and I have no problems.


Thank you and sorry for misunderstanding ‘example image’. I created the
folder ‘peter’ in the device and I selected it from the drop down menu.
However, I think I have found a reason why I thought the files were not
backed up. When I clicked the ‘WD My Cloud’ icon, it shows my folder
‘peter’. However further down the list of folders that I have, I saw a
folder ‘WD SmartWare.swstor’. Clicking this folder shows another folder
which is the name of my computer. Clicking it again shows the folder
‘Volume…/series of numbers/’; clicking this folder again shows the
files that have been backed in the WDMYCloud device.
Is that the way to do it?
Why have two sets of folders in the device?
What is the purpose of the icon ‘WD My Cloud Public Share’?
You also mentioned ‘accessing the files in the device using remote
access’. Am I right that I need to log in ‘My Cloud’ online ie I’m not able to test it yet because I work
Sorry to be asking you all those questions.

The public share is for sharing with others on your network. The Public Share icon will open that share up so you can see what is in it.

You need to open up the Dashboard and go through each tab and set up your My Cloud. Be sure to read all the (information) that is provided plus the Help information if you are not sure how something is setup or works.

You set up Remote Access under Cloud Access in the Dashboard.


Thank you. I did attempt to use ‘Help’ but it is a small box which
involves a lot of scrolling up/down left/right and often not finding
what I am really looking for. Is there a pdf manual available?

Google is your friend…

Note also that WD My Cloud is supports any backup software. Any backup product out there that states that it can back up to a network drive or a NAS can be made to work with WD My Cloud.

Some even have dedicated tutorials for configuring WD My Cloud backups, like this one (I use it and like the experience):
How to backup entire computer to WD My Cloud

Hope this helps!