Automatic backup + remote access for the backup files?

Is it possible use my My Book Live or My Cloud to back up the data on iMac (having another copy with periodic or active sync), and at the same time make the data remotely accessible from mobile devices? - since they’re on My Cloud already.

I’m aware of the TimeMachine support, but it seems to have its own encoding format, and cannot be accessed as real files, let alone remotely.

Currently I’m using rsync to do the file transfer/backup manually, which is sub-optimal obviously.

Thanks a lot!

Any “backup” software will have the backup data on some kind of format only that program can read.

And no MBL does not have that capability. However…

What you want, or at least it sounds like you do, it is folder sync or mirror program. In a few words you mirror from folder-A to Folder-B, being one of them, a mounted volume on MBL. Programs work differently, some will watch the folder and as soon as a new file is detected or edited, it will be copied.

This is an example:

rsync sub-optimal!!!?? Sorry I beg to differ, it is the best you can do for build-in commands/tools, robocopy being the equivalent on Windows.

Now, no need to do it manually, set it as a cron job to run anytime you want, multiple times a day, every hr, once a day, etc etc.

I run a rsync script manually, all I do is double click and it runs on my Mac. Have the same using robocopy (batch) for Win.

At some point had both on a schedule (cron/scheduler) but it was overkill for my needs, hence now I just double click on scripts to run them

Thanks for the reply!

Folder sync is exactly what I’m trying to do. One thing I’m not so sure though - what if I shutdown/sleep my computer while rsync is running? I’ve got 1+TB of data now and each run of rsync would take a while even when there’s no much updates (I guess for scanning through all files on MBL over network).

If it’s safe to interrupt rsync at any time, like the dropbox sync. Then I’d be totally happy about the rsync on cron solution. Will do some search on this. Do you have any related experiences?

rsync is very powerful, research and read about it.

In a few words, set rsync to just send updated/changed/new files, not the whole folder. So only the first time it will copy all data, and maybe not even then if both folders have all data already.

Nevertheless, rsync should pick up where it left off if PC goes off, next schedule run.

Play with it, take your time, start with a small folder before you finalize it.

Bottom line, you can make it anything you want, even have multiple schedule jobs.

one job does incremetals hourly or daily or every Sunday, while another does full backups weekly or monthly, or the 1st of every month, etc, etc.

***FYI for Win users: Robocopy has same capabilities***

For the record, I’ll probably settle with 

rsync -vv -rh --force --delete-during --size-only -P

Will also try syncing through ssh rather than using MBL as a remote drive, in the hope that more receiver side computations could be done locally on MBL.