Automatic Backup from Windows 10 to My Cloud OS 5

Hi all, first post here. I am thinking of upgrading my My Cloud PR2100 from OS 3 to OS 5. I am currently using WD Sync to automatically backup certain folder from my Laptop. However I understand WD Sync, WD Smartware and pretty much every other WD Software will no longer be supported in OS 5 (Other then GoodSync which you have to pay for if you want to backup more than like 1 file!). I’ve looked on the WD website about OS 5 however there is hardly any info about backing up at all and just vague. Seems like they expect everyone to be solely backing up their mobile devices.

Has anybody upgraded to OS 5 and know how backups will work if their backup apps are no longer supported? Is it done solely through the web app? and if so how will automatic backup be achieved?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Un NAS senza un software proprietario per il backup e sincronizzazione, serve a poco.
Quindi MyCloud EX2 OS fa schifo e non lo comprerei mai più!!
Per il Backup prova con AOMEI che costa molto meno di GoodSync

Thanks, I’ll check out AOMEI. Hopefully it will work with My Cloud OS 5. Cant believe they don’t make a single WD app/software for all WD devices to backup easily, I’m sure they would sell a lot more NAS devices if backing up was that easy.

I’ve used FreeFileSync for years, and have different folder backups, etc. set as batch jobs which I then run as scheduled tasks (tasksched.msc). I have never had a problem backing up to any WD or other NAS devices. I’ve always found the WD Backup too inflexible for my needs anyway.
BTW I did update to OS 5 on my MyCloudEX2Ultra and regret doing it now. My WD Cloud OS 3 app on Android will no longer connect locally, and the OS 5 app forces you to have a WD Cloud account which I don’t want. I now have a 2 step process, WD Cloud OS 3 app to MyBookLiveDuo, then FreeFileSync to sync it to MyCloudEX2Ultra . What a mess!

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Thanks, forgot about FreeFileSync. I have used it before and does what I need. However I’ve never used it for network shares/drives before, and my laptop is a bit hit and miss when it comes to finding network drives, but I’ll keep that in mind. I am currently using GoodSync for WD. When I first looked at it they limited the number of files to 100, but they seem to have changed it to unlimited. However, you can only have 1 job in the Free license. I will keep using it for now and see how I get on. Thanks.

FYI. Acronis True Image for Western Digital now available to use with My Cloud for backup.

How about syncthing?

Thanks, first I’ve heard of Syncthing. I’ll try that out, it looks good.

Syncthing works for me.

Take care, if you specify the target on the NAS, you need to specify an absolute path, so start with “/shares/<your_share>” for the target path, otherwise you store your files in the internal memory of the NAS, not on the disks.

maybe you would take a look at Gs Richcopy 360 which I use, it is quick, simple and the license is for once