Automatic Backup from mycloud to mycloud

I want to buy two my cloud disks to make backups
I place one at home and one at my parents house.
Is it possible to make automatic backups? The only thing i found is backup in same network.
How can i do this?

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At this moment only local WD My Cloud to WD My Cloud backups are supported via the Safepoint feature. Some advanced Users have enabled additional off-site features via SSH though.

also concider the upload speed at your house and the download speed at your parents. I wouldn’t even try it with my speed.

there have been other posts on this but I don’t recall the details so you need to search. it is not straight forward

Are you talking “Backups” (Acronis, Smartware, other types of software) or “Safepoints”, which copies the My Cloud data to another drive?

Safepoints do not have the same structure as the parent My Cloud, the shares are in a structure that the Safepoint can retrieve and restore your original My Cloud along with the My Cloud Configuration, Users, Permissions and Shares. You can always get to the shares by going through the directory structure to get to the data in the shares, but I think you are talking about a Mirror, so One My Cloud looks and functions like the client My cloud … Is this correct?

But as larryg0 pointed out … doing this over the internet is very risky.

Yes, what i want is a safe backup of pictures ed.
So copy from home to other place.
But thats not possible is what i see here?

It might be possible, but as larryg0 pointed out the transfer speed of your upload and your parents download will play a major factor on “if it works”.

The My cloud, out of the box, does not have that capability. I think you are talking about something like rsync . In which case you would have to modify the OS of the My Cloud.

I guess you could always use One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or something similar.