Automatic backdrops

For a long time now, i have been creating my own sheets for all my movies and tv series with no problem…but recently the WDTV has been creating automatic backdrops whenever i scroll through my files…and its just getting annoying deleting 20GB of unwanted and unneeded backdrops. How do i stop this?

EDIT: Ok, this won’t stop the Automatic .backdrop downloading … but what it will do, is stop the “images” from being downloaded (which can take up a lot a HDD space)

All the “images” get replaced with a 1Kb  *.jpg … which isn’t a jpeg at all

Opened with in Nopepad++  here’s the contents…

URL Filter Blocked


Attempt to Accept Pages Blocked by Url Filtering Control!!!



You have tried to access the web site that is not allowed by the Url Filtering Control.

To access the website, please login the router and change the Url Filter configuration under the Firewall.

Enter the following links into your Router’s URL filters.