Automated trading

Hello to you all,

I have been using the EX2 with success for some basic usage and it all work out well.

However, I would like to dig in deeper with the EX2’s “advanced features”.

As I discovered, the EX2 is running a Linux based system and does posess some (limited) RAM and processing power.

I have been working on automated trading (MetaTrader) which requires 1 program to be running all day long. I feel that my EX2 would be a perfect fit for this task: the computationnal powers are limited but still require constant running, something I prefer to run on a “smaller” machine.

How should I proceed? I guess installing it via the application interface might be hard. Can I get some remote access to the EX2, install Wine and run MetaTrader that way?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not able to offer any specific advice to get you started. I just want to say, running Wine on the EX2 is probably going to be an impossible task given the puny RAM and weak CPU the EX2 has, and more importantly where would you find a version of Wine binary that would run on the custom Linux kernel? Unless you have the expertise to cross compile Wine from the source code to target the custom Linux running on EX2, you are out of options.

Even more importantly than that, if it is a Windows program, then it will be compiled for x86. So unless you have the source code and can recompile the trader program for ARM, then WINE won’t help you!

Arminius_Notus wrote:

I have been working on automated trading (MetaTrader) which requires 1 program to be running all day long.


the NAS devices are not to be confused with normal windows/linux machines that can be used just to install programs.

Since you need a program to be running all day long, it’'s not only about the program it’s more about the machine that needs to run all day. In this case, i would recommand you spend around 150-200$ on a microserver that can have whatever OS you want.

the advantages are that this kind of servers are build for lower power consumption, more durable on components fatigue and so on.

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Do you need help installing or an example as an aid?

I would like an example to set everything up

To create remote access, you need to connect the power supply, connect the network cable to the device and to a free port of the home router. Then you go to the My Cloud Setup website (it is listed in the memo), and then the system detects the device by itself. Then you need to create an account. This will allow you to give access to anyone. I did the same thing when I was investing in forex. It is better to look at swing trader’s backtesting - everything is explained there in an easy and understandable way. You EX2 will work remotely on any device.