Automated Picture Upload from iPhone to WD My Cloud


yesterday I bought a WD My Cloud mainly to automatically backup pictures from my iPhones and iPads. Generally it works fine except with one device. It’s an iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.1.2. The latest version of the My Cloud app available for this OS is 4.1.3 which - as it seams - does not include the “automatic upload”-feature. It’s possible to upload the pictures manually, but that’s not what I want. The problem is, that said iPhone 4 was the reason in the first place for why I purchased a My Cloud. Is there any way to make automatic uploads work without buying a new iPhone or updating iOS which would slow it down massively?

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A later version of the WD My Cloud app is needed for the auto backup feature. You will need to update the iOS version in order to update to a later version of the My Cloud App or you try a third party app.

If you can still upgrade the phone iOS, then do it. Why would the phone slow down with newer iOS? It’s a trade-off if so, and if you want to use new apps and equipment, you need to keep up with today’s environment.

When you use the My Cloud app to back up your camera roll photos/videos you need to know about this “gotcha”

Software bloat. Developers assume constantly increasing CPU and memory, and don’t take care to optimise performance (which takes effort = release delays = money). So they fatten up the software, adding more complexity, and letting improved platform performance hide the slower code.

This problem has existed on all computers, forever. e.g. the first Mac used hand-coded assembler routines to achieve good graphics performance. Later versions of the same software packages used high level code; easier to develop, but about a third of the execution speed. Result: sluggish performance on old 68K machines, vs. newer 68020 devices.

I experienced the same on iPad2.

And, of course, Apple isn’t the only guilty party; as I said, it’s a universal problem.

Thank you for your response. I’ve also had the idea with the third party app but couldn’t find one that lets me automatically upload pictures. Do you know of any / can you recommend one?

Well, it is a trade off for the OP, then. Either he puts up with some minimal “software bloat” he is wary of, or he doesn’t get to use the latest My Cloud app (which is likely chock full of bloat as well.) I doubt he would notice any difference in the two versions of the OS, except he can do more with the latest version than he can with the older one.

I say “get over it” and upgrade or get a refund for his newer tech My Cloud device, and stay where he is – stuck in the past. NO sympathy!

I guess he’s stuck in the past with his obsolete iPhone 4… He obviously needs to realise that he must queue up on launch day and buy each latest model.

Or accept reduced performance on his old phone, in exchange for increased functionality.

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