Automated Firmware Update

Overnight, my My Cloud updated itself. It’s now on I have no idea what it used to be on. Now, it always asks me for a login, which it never used to do, and it times out when copying large files. This makes it essentially useless because I am transferring my DVD collection to it. Each DVD is over 2 GB. It seems to transfer faster though (before it quits altogether). I’ve changed the setting so that it no longer updates automatically. What else can I do to remedy this situation?


The password that the unit is asking, is to access any specific share or the dashboard of the unit?

Does resetting make any changes on the unit?

For information on how to reset the drive, please see page 119 of the user manual.

I did a Reboot, under Utilities, and that had no effect.  Now, I am doing a “power on reset” by holding down the reset button, in the back of the unit for 4 seconds.  At this point (5+ minutes) the front panel LED light went from solid blue, to flashing blue, then on to flashing yellow at ~10 minutes.  Now, I’m at ~15 minutes.  I’ll see where I get from here.

Thanks for your help so far.


The unit went from flashing yellow, to solid yellow, to solid blue.  At that point, I started to upload one of my DVDs.  It’s probably of no merit, but while it says it is estimating upload time, it never does. At ~500MB - out 2.3 GB to upload - it died.  It always seems to croak at ~500MB.