AutoBackUp Two Different Android Phones Issues



I’m trying to AutoBackUp Two Different Android Phones using the same account info.

The issue is that the Android takes the basic name of the phone, even though I’ve edited them.

Both phones are Samsung Galaxy Note 8s. The app auto names the backup folder for both as “Samsung SM-N950U Camera Backup”

Anyway I can change this?

Gary O


The only way to change this is to change the name of the phone itself.


I have changed the name of the phone. Even tried uninstalling the app. Changed name to “Gary’s Note8” and reinstalling the app. The name of the folder is the same as before.


I can change the name on my iPhone and it will change the Sync folder.

No matter what I do with the Android, the same folder stays the same.


@garyosterholt this may me a limitation of Android App. Let me check and come back to you.