Auto Uploading Pictures I take from Mobile to a specific directory

Dear Community Memebrs,

I just purchased the 4TB Personal Cloud and I intend to cancel my 500GB dropbox account in the long run if it does what I do in Dropbox.

Currently, my requirement is that from my mobile devices (android and iOS), i would like photos I take to automatically be uploaded to my MyCloud device in a  specific directory.

I checked the settings, but I am not so sure how this is done!

Can someone help?

See the following information,The link below is no longer available!!!

You will have to set up the account to do what you want to do. Mine is set up through Google+.

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cat0w (USA)

Thank you for your reply.

I went through the link, but as I am too new to this WD Cloud App and only used to Dropbox, I am not quite sure I understand the mechanics.

So, is this saying that pictures will have to land on one of the known cloud services first before they are transferred onto the WD 4TB Hard Drive?

One of the primary reasons why I invested in OWN CLOUD is to manage my huge photo/video library that are transmitted from 4 different devices onto dropbox.  media originating from iPad Mini, iPad 3, Note 10.1, and Samsung Dous, Galaxy Cam is all being transmitted to my 500GB dropbox account, namely onto Camera Uploads!  They are then, sync’d down to selected Windows Workstations.

Are you saying when you sync them with your Windows Station for example, point the local folder to that of the WD Cloud?

I will keep reading docs, but any hints you provide would be highly appreciated.

Yes, that is the only way I know to make it work. Pictures and short videos taken with my cell phone, as soon as they are available to view on Google+ they are available on my My Cloud. They show up in my Public share in a Google folder.

What operating system do you have on your phone?

I was able to get my Android phone [running Kit Kat] to auto upload. They end up in the public folder, in a folder in the “Shared photos”, labelled with my Google ID & then in sub folders by month.  (it also asked if I wanted to upload old photos the first time I said to auto upload - and then did; I’d set it to only update over wifi.)

I can’t get it to do it via the iPod - and it seems to have far fewer options, I’ve looked in both the app, to see if there are options lurking in there & the general settings for the iPod, where lots of things have settings. So, unless it’s really well hidden, somewhere I didn’t think of looking, it’s not in there. 

In the case of the phone, though it’s Android, it’s not going via Google+, as I haven’t enabled the G+ account for the main login on that phone. (And, I’ve checked in Picasa, it’s not put anything there either - which doesn’t surprise me, as I haven’t told it to) 

Incidentally, I’ve interpreted that WD page in a different way to CatoW; it’s not particularly clear …

My understanding: 

If you want to use My Cloud, then: 

  • You have to have a MyBookLive, or one of the other WD devices (that’s fairly obvious!) 

  • If you ALSO want to use it as a way of connecting to commercial cloud service (e.g. Google Drive), then you have to have an account on their system. (Makes sense when you read it carefully, but they don’t emphasise the “also” in 

    • .The My Cloud mobile app also allows you to easily transfer files between your personal cloud, … 

If you’re wanting to use WD Photos 

  • You have to have the right hardware.
  • You have to have the app. (Doesn’t actually mention the android version of the app!) 

It doesn’t even mention that you have to have a commercial could account - and, it doesn’t say that you have to have the MyCloud app installed. 

So, I think the fact that Cat0W seemed to have to go via G+ is just the way it’s been set up, and isn’t necessary. 

This is exactly what I want to do. Did you use the WD photo app or the WD my cloud. If you could provide any other details that would be great

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When I set up my phone, android, for cloud access on My Cloud I believe is when I set up my Google+ account to be used to upload photos and videos from the phone to My Cloud.


They are loaded up the same as yours, to my public share under my Google account folder. I get an email from Google when my photos are ready and they are on My Cloud at that time. This is known as auto upload of the photos/videos taken on my phone.


Yes, I can upload them using the app but then I have to do it manually.


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cat0w (USA)




Ah, I understand now :), Cat0w.

However, I wonder if they’re being uploaded at the same time, so, you don’t have to have it going to G+, you could just have them going to the WD drive.

When I set my phone up, I disabled auto upload to G+. Once I got WD photo, I set it to auto upload (but only on wifi).

Dogrib, I wasn’t able to upload them to a named directory, it created the name for me.

For the Android phone, it called them after the main account I’m signed into the phone with. In this case, it generated directories within the folder based on year/month.

For the iPod touch, it called them by the name of the iPod Touch. In this case, it generated folders based on the album names on the iPod (e.g. CameraRoll, instagram etc)

Looking at the other posts in this board you can’t upload them to a named directory, but you can upload them automatically.

I did it through WD Photo, rather than MyCloud. It’s a shame you can’t set MyCloud to auto upload, as you can define which folder things go to from there.

Here is a link to Google+ App. I have the Google+ App on my phone and Auto Upload chosen along with having my phone set to sync with Google+.


I am pretty sure that when I set up my My Cloud, cloud access for my phone apps, that is when I was able to choose my Google+ account to auto upload them to My Cloud.


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cat0w (USA)


It was interesting to read the discussions whilst I’m still struggling to get things working here.

If someone can guide me through the initial steps, I would highly appreciate it.

Let’s start witha  simple way.

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Android Device.

  2. I have WD MyCloud 4TB

I want to take a photo / snapshot with my Galaxy Android and see it automatically uploaded to my WD MyCloud sitting at home.  At least this is what I get with my Dropbox 500GB Account.  I invested in this WD Cloud as per advertisement to have a cloud of my own, and eventually I would cancel my US$49/mo dropbox subscription.

I am still lost.  My WD MyCloud android app can not locate my WD Cloud hard Drive even though I am on the same subnet connected via Wi Fi to same router.

First, have you given the device cloud access on the Dashboard? See image below.

If you haven’t then see the User Manual>Accessing Your Cloud Remotely. Use link below.

If all of the above is set up let us know.

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cat0w (USA)

Weird; I have never seen that screen! 

I have a Mac & on the main computer  went to WD-quick look; and then to settings | mobile access & got a code for a particular account to set up the app on the phone. (Though actually I only needed that code if I was away from the house - at home, it just found it). I have just tried at home again & this time I removed the access (via the computer webpage), then requested the code & added the device to WD photos manually that way - I just selected the type of device i had. 

Then I went to settings & selected Auto-Upload. 

There is no-where in WD Photos that has information about other cloud services. (Not in the version I have, anyway) 

In the WD My Cloud device, I can also see the Hard drive (adding it in the same way as I’d done in the photos one); there is also the opportunity to add Google drive etc., but I haven’t. 

I also haven’t got Google+ set up on the phone, my photos weren’t sychronising anywhere before, I’d just upload those I wanted to to Flickr or to Dropbox. 

Have you installed MyCloud, or WDMy Photos, or both on your phone? 

Have you given a named account (via the computer interface) mobile access to the drive? 

Did you try to add the device to the phone just by searching on the network, or have you also tried with the access code?